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Best Best Man’s Speech Ever!

50 Top Tips for Giving the Best Best Man’s Speech Ever!

50 Top Tips for Giving the Best Best Man's Speech Ever!When it comes to preparing the speech of a lifetime, there is literally only one man for the job and luckily you have just tracked him down!

Yes, make sure you stand out from the crowd and leave your audience buzzing for more with this easy-to-use, top tips guide for best man perfection. Covering everything from gathering content to delivery, this is the book that will arm you with all the necessary tricks of the trade to totally smash the job at hand and guarantee your speech is remembered for all the right reasons. Literally, in the next couple of hours you will be ready to start writing and get rehearsing to fulfill your best man duties and then some! […]


Give the Best Wedding Speech

Give the best wedding speech…while still being scared to death !

Okay, the day is coming and you have to give a wedding speech. Next to death public speaking is the only other thing you may fear. And lets face it, how often do you give speeches ! Thoughts of movies like the Wedding Singer may come to mind. Everyone under the sun has also gave you bits of info. So it’s safe to say you’re head is spinning ! But fear not , there are some advantages that you have.

For one lets get old fashioned and pull out a notepad. But down the PDA.  If you are giving a wedding speech then you must know something about the bride or groom. And if you’re not family then you are intimate with them. So right off the back you are working from a position of power. And knowing this should give you some confidence. This knowledge should be the backbone in building that speech. Bet that sheet feels like hundred pounds now !

Even though you know the bride and groom you don’t want to let everyone in on their worst moments. Lets leave out the late night drinking binges or drag racing on the city streets. Instead highlight the parts that show just how great a guy or girl they are. Your words could sway some holdovers who still may not like one of the wedding party. Trust me it happens.

Furthermore this speech should be short and sweet.  A liquored up version is not advised.  Think back to those movies. Remember that good old notepad. Write down a few more clever remarks that includes everyone that counts. Say it and sit down. Uncle John is itching to get back to the bartender !

Pulling off the best wedding speech does not have to be a sweaty palm experience. Go here http://www.winningweddingspeech.com to get more killer strategies and tips to a speaking superstar.


Help For Maids of Honour

Help!! My sister and i are the maids of honour for my oldest sister wedding and i need help on the speech!!?

Any ideas? My sister and i (the other maid of honour) want to give some good advice to the bride (my other sister) and groom about having a fun, healthy and happy marriage. Any ideas of what we could say? Also do you have any other ideas of things we could write about?
And of course i would appreciate some funny ideas


Wishes for the Bride and Groom

What would one usually wish to the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony?

I’m going to a wedding tonight
Ineed to make a nice speech and I need ideas on my wishes to them
thank you


Wedding toast/speech help?

Wedding toast/speech help? From Sister of the Groom?

I need to prepare a special occasion speech for a public speaking class. 3-5 minutes long. I am doing a toast for my brother’s wedding. It’s only 1 minute so far…

Good evening everyone. It is with great joy that I say congratulations to my brother Craig and his beautiful new bride, Tiffany. They say there is someone out there for everyone, and I think that Craig has definitely found his other half with Tiff.
From the first time I met Tiffany, I knew she was someone special to my brother. As I got to know Tiff more she became someone who is special to me as well. Tiffany, you’re everything I could ever want for my brother and I am pleased to welcome you to our family. Over the last few years we have already become like sisters, as of today it’s official.

Craig, I am so happy for you. You are going to be a great husband. Ronald Reagan said, “There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day, knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.” When I see the happiness that radiates from you when you are with Tiffany and when you see her smile, I know that you agree with Reagan.
I wish you both the greatest happiness throughout your lives. May the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows. Let’s all raise our glasses in honour of the bride and groom!