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Affordable Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning your wedding then finding affordable wedding invitations will be on your to do list. The best wedding invitations are those which reflect the style of your wedding and your own character. Here’s just a tiny taste of the available. affordable wedding invitations .


There are lots of fun wedding invitations to choose from if you’re having a themed wedding. Here are just a few to help you choose what’s best for you:

Christmas Wedding: Christmas wedding invitations are often red to give that Christmassy feel; white and silver are available too and some have bows.

Beach Wedding: Beach themed wedding invitations often feature palm trees, sea shells, star fish and a couple on a beach; you’ll find all of those and more at InvitationBox. For tropical wedding invitations (but not on a beach) you can still use palm tree themed cards or you could go for a zebra striped border or flower motifs.

Western Wedding: The Western wedding invitations on offer are really good fun. You can choose wanted posters, cowboys and girls, Western hats and boots and lots more in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’re sure to find something you want here.


If you aren’t actually having a themed wedding then you may want to go for bird wedding invitations or daisy wedding invitations or cards featuring other flowers or creatures. Wine bottles and glasses are a popular option and of course you could choose a seasonal feature.


There are lots of colours to choose from; these are usually outlines or envelope linings rather than full blocks of colour, but that depends on which colour you go for.

Black and white wedding invitations: You could have black with an orange ribbon and a white envelope or white with black cameos of a bride and groom as well as many others.

Blue wedding invitations: Less common, some of these have ebony pockets with blue bows and others are plainer blue and black.

Orange wedding invitations: Often featuring flowers and sometimes combined with pink or other colours, there are plenty of these to choose from.

Pink wedding invitations: All the pink invitations on offer are combined with a shade of orange.

Purple wedding invitations: There are some lovely purple and lilac cards available, many of them with delicate embossing and some with purple ribbon.

Red wedding invitations: Some of the red invitations are completely red with contrasting print while others are more subtle with a flash of ribbon or hearts.

Silver wedding invitations: Silver on white is very popular for wedding invitations with lovely silver lined envelopes and some with embossing.

Yellow wedding invitations: Yellow is usually floral although some designs are plainer and one even has a yellow gingham lined envelope.

Many of the invitations on offer have multiple colours for you to choose from so you don’t need to be pinned down to just one colour.

Basically, you can have your affordable wedding invitations in just about any colour and finish that you want so check out InvitationBox and you’re sure to find what you want.


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